Acne affects people of pretty much every age. Many people also find that the medications they buy to cure their acne don't always work as advertised. If your acne is severe, a visit to a dermatologist might be in order but if you only have a moderate or mild case of it, you might find the solution you want with natural acne treatments.

There are certain facial masks that you can easily prepare at home that can often be very effective for treating acne. Your pantry holds a lot of the ingredients you will need to make these basic remedies. An easy solution for exfoliating your skin is to merely put baking soda on a wet cloth. You rub this over your face gently for a few minutes and then rinse it off and dry your face with a towel.

Imagine that one of your breakfast cereals has this same type of benefit; which would be oatmeal. Just fix the oatmeal like you would be for eating, give it time to cool and then put it on your skin for around 20 minutes. Rinse your face with water and pat dry. To get the outcome you would hope for; you need to do the facial mask daily for a few weeks. 

Don't assume that visiting a suntan booth, or spending more time in the sun, will help cure your acne. This may seem like a good solution, but it's actually not. A lot of acne sufferers have noticed that sunlight dries up their acne pimples and this leads them to believe that this is a good thing. If you overexpose your skin in the sun, your skin can become irritated and this will lead to future acne. The tanning salon lamps can have the same effect as too much sun. A certain amount of sunshine is beneficial to your health, of course, so don't avoid it altogether. Just limit your forays into the sunshine to reasonable amounts of time. Don't forget the sunscreen when you do venture out into the sunshine. This will keep your acne from becoming infected further.

Your diet is the next area you need to tackle. One good eating plan is called the Glycemic Index Diet. If you study the glycemic index chart, you will easily identify which carbohydrate foods rate "high" and should be avoided, and which ones are lower on the GI scale and are better for your health and acne. Various studies have pointed out the fact - as has anecdotal evidence - that the carbs that cause weight gain are the same ones that contribute to acne. Carbohydrates that rate high on the glycemic index cause our hormones - such as insulin - to become unbalanced and therefore can lead to acne. You can find a lot of information online about the different glycemic index ratings of the carbohydrate foods you eat. Not only will eating foods low on the GI help your acne, it's wonderful for your overall health and, if you need to lose weight, it will help you accomplish that also. Natural acne remedies can help you clear up your pimples, though not everyone's skin responds to the same treatments. Be patient and try a new regimen for six weeks or so to see how your acne responds. If, after diligently trying several different natural/home remedies, your acne isn't clearing up, a visit to your dermatologist might be the next option.

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Tips on Effective Natural Acne Treatments

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